The free will of the flies


The human being is composed of a tangible and an intangible part, neither of which works without the other. However, the inclusion in the contemporary western social system, has achieved that, on the intangible part, which we could call instinctive of the human being, a new being is developed, a human being separated from his own body and from his instinct, who does not see himself as a whole, who separates his mind from his body and sees the latter as a limitation.


This denial of the body, is also a denial of death, a denial of finitude, a megalomania that brings with it the disregard for the other and a progressive loss of identity.


On the one hand we become information-hungry beings, completely dependent on social networks that complete us and provide us with a false body, and on the other hand they disconnect us from our mass and keep it controlled like a simple container.


Under the illusion of inclusion the human being as an individual disappears, but bodies are not simple containers and it is not possible to control them.

El libre albedrío de las moscas 2

Human hair hand-sewn drawing over gum bichromate print on coton paper 15 x 15 cm 2014